Cash Processing

APSG is a global provider of an integrated range of hardware and software solutions, consultancy and support services to the cash processing industry, designing bespoke solutions that truly enable our customers to:

Safeguard their REPUTATION
Optimize their EFFICIENCY
Protect their INVESTMENT

APSG provides a range of high-speed cash sorting and authentication systems alongside Enterprise Cash Management software which gives our customers control of cash through its entire lifecycle from production and issue to circulation processing and destruction. For banknote printers, our single note inspection systems enable new notes to be quality assured prior to issue.

APSG Expertise in Cash Processing:

APSG provide Cash Processing services. We have since, managed some of the Cash Processing functions in leading financial institutions in their cash centers across the kingdom.

APSG provides cash processing in 22 main cash centers around the kingdom. We Process an average of 4.2million notes per day.

APSG owns and operates a large number of cash processing machines with our main partnership with G&D utilising the latest Multi Denomination High Speed sorters with automated nota- pack, along with a large number of two pocket units throughout our Cash Centre operations.

APSG employees are operating inside of banks cash centers and bank branches. We provide the following services:

  • Sorting of ATM Super fit cash/ Fit / Unfit cash.
  • Counterfeit detection.
  • Note denominations sorting & (facing if required)
  • Cash Counting, Bundling & Strapping.

Cash Processing Management in Middle East:

In the Middle East, APSG has provided cash solutions since 2015 and operates processing services across the KSA.
APSG has many years of experience operating directly and in partnerships.

APSG has more than 25% of the market share of the cash solutions business.

APSG has gained major experience working in partnership while expertise, systems, and best practices are implemented.

For example:
APSG has introduced an international best practice in Saudi Arabia. We have influenced financial institutions to upgrade and change the locking mechanism previously used on ATMs to further mitigate risk by using OTL (one time locks).

The OTL company was one that APSG has partnered with.

Together, we are key suppliers of the locks and lock systems that provide integrity and high security.

The OTL solution has been adapted by the majority of the financial institutions as well as other CIT companies in the kingdom.

We have partnered with ICB, G&D and Gunnebo whilst utilization of the best cash processing machines and systems throughout our operations.

This MBCC project is certainly considered by APSG as strategically important, which we have significant experience that we can bring into your project to enable a seamless transition to the outsourced cash cycle.